The easy way to
accurately, effectively
and affordably...

... monitor and manage...

...common and critical
health conditions

Easy to distribute
Easy to use
Easy to manage
From chronic conditions to pregnant mothers, Whzan Telehealth is the perfect solution for remote monitoring and managing of different patient groups.

With its ease of distribution and set-up, healthcare professionals like the way they can tailor the service on a patient by patient basis, and the ease of which that service can be amended and updated to fit in with changes in patient care.

By incorporating the most secure online connectivity, clinicians and patients can feel reassured that through Whzan's medical hub the data that's fed in is instantly available in an easy to read format and is only available to those that need to see it.

Easy to use technology

The Whzan Telehealth service has been designed to work on 'Android' consumer mobile devices and can be easily linked to virtually any instrument that can be connected to a computer.

Easy to understand

For patients, the mobile device incorporates a simple forward and backward interaction - perfect for dementia sufferers and those that struggle with hand co-ordination.

Easy to collect
and read data

A patient's results are automatically downloaded onto Whzan's medical hub, where clinicians can immediately see and asses their condition - patients are not required to input their own data so clinicians can be more confi dent in the readings.

Easy to tailor

Patient management is easily maintained over the internet using cloud based technology and patient care can be constantly adjusted without any delays.

Easy to budget and

Whzan has been designed to work with the most affordable 'Android' mobile devices. in terms of service, Whzan can be delivered for as little as £1 per day per patient.

Easy to utilise existing
equipment and devices

Delivered in a ready-to-use mode, a Whzan mobile device can be easily connected to a wide range of already purchased healthcare products.

Whzan Telehealth is as easy as
'pick up and go'

With Whzan there's no need for any hardware to be installed (and subsequently removed), as Whzan Telehealth can be offered to patients in an easy to carry case.

This makes Whzan perfect for patients who just want to get on with their lives, whether that may be for them, pottering in the garden, going to work or even going on holiday.

For healthcare professionals, Whzan Telehealth is easy to distribute as it is delivered fully set-up and ready to use, all that is required is for them to tailor the service to their patients requirements and present the patient with a simple set of instructions.

Each case also comes with an easy to read user guide, additionally Whzan also offers how to use video's that can be viewed on the 'mobile' Telehealth device.